Furniture Upcycling

We can upcycle your furniture

Does the woodwork on your furniture need a lick of paint, the wood sanding and oiling or maybe even a touch of gilding before a complete reupholster? Our upcycling service covers all kinds of furniture and a wide range of styles. Simply send us a photograph of your treasured item and we will let you know what we can do with it in our Chorley workshop.


We will restore the beauty of your inherited furniture. From your granny’s favourite chair to your mother’s most treasured sofa, we can bring them all back to life with our upholstery services.


New frames can also be made to your requirements. Please contact us for further details

We upcycle old furniture by

  • Preparing, cleaning & treating the wood then sanding & priming
  • Painting
  • Waxing or Oiling
  • Replacing broken, missing or tired springs
  • Adding new hessian, foam, wool, wadding, fire retardant lining if needed, topped off with fresh fabric

Upcycled furniture for sale

We buy old pieces from all over the north-west to create new furniture and to help reduce landfill, recycling as much as possible. We create beautiful upcycled products that can enhance the beauty of every room in your home or office. Call today to arrange an appointment to view our latest selection.

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